Instructions for the authors

Notes for authors: By submitting a work (article, edition, review. report, etc.) to the editors of the journal Lidé města / Urban People and by accepting its final form for printing (authors’ corrections) the author declares his/her interest in the publication of the work in this journal, confirms that s/he is the holder of the copyright for the work and that s/he did not grant exclusive permission for use of the work to a third person or institution before taking this step. At the same time, by this the author grants the publishers the right (license) to use the work to an unlimited extent, mainly for publishing, i.e., distribution, in the journal or other periodicals or non-periodical publications in the sense of § 14 of the authors’ law, as well as its reproduction to an unlimited extent in the sense of § 13 of this law, and for renting, lending and/or exhibition in the sense of § 15 to 17 of this law. Publication and distribution are understood to refer to electronic dissemination of the work on the Website of the journal ( and in Internet databases with which the publisher has or will have a valid contract. The journal Lidé města / Urban People is currently available via the Web archive of the National Library of the Czech Republic ( and the database of the Central and Eastern European Online Library (CEEOL) (  This arrangement does not affect the copyright of the work.