“Without the Holy Spirit, There Can Be No Christianity, Only Faith in Tradition.” An Ethnographic Study of Pentecostal and Neo-charismatic Communities in Contemporary Czech Republic

Soukupová Monika


This article focuses on the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements
as part of Evangelical Christianity in contemporary Czech Republic. The text
is a resumé of ethnographic research conducted in two Czech Pentecostal
Churches – the Apostolic Church in Prague and the Christian Fellowship
Church. In these communities, certain aspects of Pentecostal church life were
observed using the participant observation method, as well as interviews
with informants. The aim of the research was to focus on how these believers
understand Pentecostal religiosity, and where we can see some crucial aspects
of this kind of religiosity within church activities. I try to explain why the
home groups and community prayer are more important for my informants
than large-scale impersonal activities. Further attention was focused on the
preferred forms of evangelization. I want to demonstrate the shift from mass
evangelization in the 1990s to the current personal form of evangelization,
based on deep personal relationships with unbelievers.


Christianity; Evangelicalism; Pentecostal; Charismatic; Church; Evangelization

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Vydání: 19, 2017, 1