Urban Community Reviving: the Case of Community Gardens

Mikovcová Markéta


This paper empirically examines the role of community in
the community gardens of Prague. The goal is to determine whether the
community is truly established, and whether it influences the public space.
The case study of community gardens in Prague was conducted using the
methods of semi-structured interviews and participant observations. Since
community gardens are on the rise as bottom-up initiatives which react to
the degree of individualisation in the city, they could be comprehended also
as an activation of civic society. Although community gardens mutually
differ, every one of them influences their geographic and social space to
some extent. Regardless the way they are organised, there is a developed
in-group sense among the gardeners which confirms the existence of
community. The fact that community gardens seek to develop the space they
are located in and that they engage in activities with local entrepreneurs
and civic associations, but also that they associate people with an interest
in gardening who would have not met without the existence of community
gardens, leads to the conclusion that they develop space-based communities
as well as interest-based ones.


community garden; community; civic society; individualisation; public space

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Vydání: 17, 2015, 1