“Махiнацiiце я н е...” The Middleman System in the Czech Republic and its Contemporary Transformation

Rumpík Viktor


The aim of the article is to describe the change in the nature of the
Ukrainian middleman (client) system from the second half of the first decade
of the 21st century to the present. Research took place in Transcarpathia and
Pilsen. In these regions, we observe new waves of migration, new legislative
restrictions, and new internal, as well as external, strains. All of these factors
have an influence on the migrants themselves, and on the Czech labour market.
The article responds to the obvious need of re-thinking the structure and
the role of the client system. Based on anthropological approaches, such as
participant observations and interviews, the article summarises the results
of the analysis of the current client system within the institutional theory
of migration. The results of the pilot study show the growing extension of
the structure of the client system as being a consequence of new migration
trends and of the economic recession. We can observe the institutionalisation
of aspects and the involvement of formal institutions in the system, as well
as restrictions of the use of the Ukrainian middleman (client) system by
Ukrainians in the Czech Republic and their displacement by migrants from
the European Union, especially from Bulgaria, Romania and Slovakia. The
conclusion of the article shows the secondary transformation of the Ukrainian
middleman system and its institutionalisation. All issues in this article were
analysed using the anthropological micro-optic approach, and they attempt
to establish a new discussion of the client system as such.


client; Czech Republic; in/formal institution; institutionalisation; migration; secondary transformation; Transcarpathia

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